Vote no to Canberra’s power grab


Following the decision by the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, to call an election for 7 September the referendum has been cancelled. To be Constitutionally valid voting on the referendum cannot start before two months after the passage of the legislation for the referendum through the Parliament, and no later than 6 months.

Prime Minister Rudd specifically highlighted that the referendum was cancelled because of declining support. Since the Citizens’ ‘NO’ campaign organised public support for this referendum collapsed. The withdrawal of the referendum is a significant victory for citizen David against Big government Canberra goliath.

Despite being cancelled, a future government may seek to reintroduce this Canberra power grab again. Therefore this website will remain active and any Australian who wishes to register their details will be contacted, should the referendum be proposed again.

Thank you for all your support.

The Citizens’ ‘NO’ campaign



Our system of government isn’t perfect, but it has helped make Australia the best country on earth. Now is not the time to remove the restrictions that hold Canberra politicians to account.

Don’t be fooled: This is a massive power grab by Canberra politicians and bureaucrats!

Make no mistake: Letting Canberra control local government will:

Cross - half  Force Councils to do what’s good for Canberra, not communities

Cross - half  Harm Local Services

Cross - half  Increase rates

Cross - half  Lead to less accountability 

Cross - half  Lead to more bureaucracy

Cross - half  And mean even more political buck-passing. 

Politicians are arguing that change is “small” and “practical” – but we know the truth. Changing our Constitution will turn our democracy on its head, and open the doors to a massive power grab by Canberra politicians and bureaucrats to direct local services: Click HERE to learn more about just how this will just make things worse.


Former local government Minister, Anthony Albanese, announced plans to corrupt our democracy and buy the local government referendum result with $31.6 million in public money to fund the ‘yes’ case, and only $0.5 million to the ‘no’ case”!

“The ‘yes’ case is being given nearly 65 times the public funding as the ‘no’ case in a flagrant abuse of process. In direct grants the Federal government is giving 20 times the funding to the ‘yes’ case as it is to the ‘no’ case. This is a corruption of our democracy to abuse taxpayer’s funds to buy a change to the Constitution that removes the limits on the power of Canberra politicians and bureaucrats.

Please use our form below to contact your MP and Senators and demand fair funding! 

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